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Today we celebrate our 6th anniversary of Professionals4Technology!!

It is always nice to have something to celebrate! But this is very special for me. As most of you know I started Professionals4Technology 6 years ago. What a terrible job.
The realization of a dream, full of enthusiasm and ambition, I began connecting highly skilled technical professionals to ambitious companies.
To be openminded, optimistic and of course entrepreneurial. The world in a financial crisis that is quite a challenge. And Technology… divers, difficult and what a niche.

As positive as I am a lot of people try to convince me not to be an entrepreneur….

“It is a bad time to start a company , the economy is bad” “It will not work on your own” “ Do you know what it’s like being a business woman?” “ Working for a boss will give you more stability”.

I have to say all is true! It is hard work, but everybody works hard to reach their goals. And chasing dreams is coming with ups and downs.
In my opinion I do not want to have negative thoughts. I want to do my work. To be focused. And I want to be good in my job, my business. To help and understand our great clients to find for them the best; Sales Executives Renewable Technology, Project managers, Specialist Engineers, Mechanicals Specialists, Project leads, Laser Engineers, Sales Managers, Maintenance Managers and so on and so on.

Proud and positive I am on all those pleasant and good contacts with my “candidates”. Off course all those heavy interviews are part of the job. Since my knowledge of behaviour investigating interviewing it is even more interesting. I want to know you! And please tell me more about the details, budgets and projects. I even want to know more about Furnaces, Lasers, and Hydrogen Technology. Please tell me who you are. Please tell me what you dream of and who you want to be. Please tell me what you are good at and what you want to learn.
I am very proud to celebrate that now 6 years later, Professionals4Technology has become a well-known name in the world of technical specialised recruitment. We are working successfully in The Netherlands and also international.

Dreaming about the future, helping our clients and candidates. And I enjoying every day to be an entrepreneurial recruiter! Thank you Clients! Candidates! Colleagues!

Thanks for all your great support!


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Marinel van Walsum
Business Manager
Peter Voogt
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