Assessment & Development

Changes in organizations and technology follow themselves quickly, creating new ways of organizing and collaborating. This influences the functioning of people. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to recruit and retain employees. Certainly if you want them to contribute within the organization for now and in the future. Assessments (psychological test examinations) can make a difference in this, they can have a facilitating effect in the decision-making process and in the short-term and long-term selection on individual development issues.
Assessments provide insight into the competencies, qualities and points of attention of (new) employees. An assessment also provides insight into the development potential. An assessment can provide answers to important issues:

  • It provides insight into the overall functioning of (new) employees;
  • It measures the competencies associated with the various functions;
  • It indicates whether and which growth opportunities are available;
  • The results are the basic document for a POP (Personal Development Plan);
  • It provides important coaching aspects.
  • The instruments used for the assessment are determined on the basis of the client's question and objective.

High-quality innovative Assessment solutions

Professionals4technology has high quality and innovative assessment instruments. These instruments are; scientifically substantiated, sound, innovative and practical and NIP certified. We can provide a wide range of modern assessments and questionnaires for recruitment and selection, but also for career development. Assessment and development programs (coaching or outplacement) can be tailor-made. This to where the need lies.

Thinking about a number of fixed components of the assessment are an in-depth interview and a personality and competence questionnaire.
The findings are discussed with the candidate and recorded in a report. In addition to the description of the candidate in terms of personality, behavior and work style, this contains advice about the research question. With the report, the candidate and the client gain insight into the competencies, qualities and points for attention that are available or to be acquired.

Personal portal

Especially for the participants, we have designed a secure online portal where the participant can make his or her assessment from a trusted environment. It is of great importance that you as a candidate make your assessment in complete peace of mind and answer the questions by staying close to yourself. The assessment tests are designed in such a way that when participants answer the questions from a socially desirable position, they will exhibit this inconsistency. The point is that we find a job that fully suits you as a person, as for the client a candidate who matches the profile you are looking for. You will receive a specially designed personal username and password via email, which you can use to log into your own portal.

Our approach

Professionals4Technology works for various clients who invest in their employees. We would like to help our clients to get the best out of their (new) employees. By following a variety of training courses, we can identify talent, assess potential and contribute to personal development.


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