Human capital: cannot be found anywhere on your balance sheet, but it is one of your organization’s most valuable property. Recruitment is an essential part of your organization, guaranteeing qualitative and quantitative input of employees as well as providing continuity of the organization. By outsourcing the recruitment process your company will benefit from improved quality and a reduction of costs.


  • Cost reduction: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) turns fixed costs into variable costs and significantly reduces the recruitment costs per hired candidate.
  • Improving efficiency & Saving time: Professionals4Technology sports specialized expertise in combination with RPO software and instruments for analysis. Recruitment is our daily business, saving you precious time.
  • Flexibility: Professionals4Technology adapts its capacity to the recruitment need for your specific organization and moment in time.
  • No extra headcount: making use of a ‘werken bij’ website eliminates the need of an in-house recruiter. The HR department is relieved of its obligation to recruit and is given the opportunity to focus on its core business.
  • Quality/Innovation: over the years Professionals4Technology has built up experience with the management of high-end technology recruitment. We possess a high-quality network along with the latest custom-fit technologies. Professionals4Technology is an early adapter in recruitment and corresponding technologies such as RPO-systems, online tools and effective online approaching of candidates.
  • Focus: By having our focus on technology business market in the Rijnmond area, Professionals4Technology has created a wide and specialized network of professionals.
  • Relieving you of recruitment: by RPO Professionals4Technology relieves you of your recruitment activities and the effort and time that recruitment requires. We become the contact point for candidates as well as (co-)suppliers. Take into account the numerous conversations, meetings that the recruitment and selection procedure entails. RPO gives your company rest and confidence that your recruitment process is optimally performed, while relieving you of the obligations.

Our Service Options

Professionals4Technology can prove valuable to your organization in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing at different levels of involvement, as described below.

  1. Standard: Classical recruitment service with or without the aid of media exposure (digital/in paper)
  2. Career portal: In addition to the standard service we provide a ‘werken bij’ website (www.werkenbij’your-company-name’.nl), management of external job vacancy sites, management of the job application procedure.
  3. Career portal + Pre-screening: in addition the services in the career portal: data documentation, interviewing, surveying, reference checks.
  4. Career portal + Pre-Screening + Full service: in addition to the 3rd option: strategy development, sourcing, supplier management, reporting, formulating job profiles and coordination assessment.
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