Tips: Resume

Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will look at. Unfortunately al lot of recruiters only look approximately nine seconds at your resume! Therefore your first impression on paper is very important. How should your resume look like? Read our tips below!

1. Personal details and professional photo

Starting with your personal details, including:
Your first and last name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, nationality and perhaps a link to your LinkedIn profile. It is always good to place a professional photo on your resume (place the photo next to your personal details).

2. Profile

A brief profile of yourself: who you are, what you can accomplish and where you want to go?

3. Education & Training

Mention your educations in chronological order starting with our most recent education. Mention the name of the followed course and at which university, academy or institution you have followed this course. Also note what year you started and what year you have completed or ended the course. Identify your additional specialization, any minors or extra courses, and indicate whether you have completed the course with a diploma or a certificate.

4. Work experience

As mentioned above the same applies to your work experience, in chronological order and start with the most recent experience. Clearly describe which period you have worked here (month and year), what your position is / was and which company you are working /worked for. Mention in one sentence what the core business of the company is / was. Briefly describe your different tasks and responsibilities and if you have worked in multiple locations. Have you lead a team of people, were you responsible for budgets or you have delivered exceptional performance? Absolutely mention this in your resume.

5. Publications

Perhaps you have written a publication or an interesting article, remember to also mention this in your resume.

6. Languages, competencies and skills

It is important to specify what languages you speak, read or write. Identify also your character traits and competencies. Think about which skills really fit you, so that you can explain this in an interview.
Besides your language skills it is important to also specify which computer skills you manage.

7. Additional activities / extracurricular activities

Other activities alongside your current job or study? Your additional knowledge and experience is definitely worth to mention on your resume. Think of additional activities for example the performance of a certain role in your sorority or an active role in volunteering or a sports club.

8. Interests and hobbies

Hobbies and interests say a lot about your personality. Are you active in sports or have you seen the world? Definitely put this on your resume (but keep it short).

9. References

Never appoint referees with name and phone number on your resume. You do not want a potential employer call referees behind your back. Mention in your resume that you have references upon request.

10. Last but not least ..... The layout!

The content of your resume clearly shows who you are and what you've done but it should also look professional. A potential employer will always look if you paid extra attention to your resume, and that you have not made any spelling mistakes! Make bold headlines for all the different sections: personal information, profile, educations, courses and so on, this makes your resumes easy to read.
Do not use different fonts, otherwise your resume very will become confusing. Make sure you use a font that is easy to read and is professional. Regarding your picture, make sure you are heading towards the reader and avoid the holiday snaps or unprofessional pictures!

Perhaps too good to keep in mind:

Customize your resume to the job you are applying for. For one application you can just appoint some other relevant tasks and responsibilities than for the other application. Send your resume as a PDF file, so the layout will stay the same. Choose a descriptive name for the file, such as "Last Name, First Name, and Resume.pdf. So it is immediately clear from whom the resume is from.

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